Traffic revolution: the cars of the train

tren1 Traffic revolution: the cars of the train

European Union (EU) funded the project, aims to make road transport revolution. Motor vehicles are based on wireless sensors connect to each other ‘land passenger train’, thanks to the intervention of drivers without the need for vehicles will travel on their own.

The EU Commission launched in September 2009, Sartre (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) project entitled, motor vehicles, consisting of 6 or 8 vehicles in a ‘team’ event aimed at developers can travel more economical way.

Management of the car’s leading ‘leader’ by submitting the hand wheel of the vehicle remote control system, capable of attracting the driver, thanks to this technology until the tracks which wants to, eat, work off your laptop computer and listen to music and read books. A taxi, bus or truck will ‘leader’ means an experienced driver will recognize the highway. Automobiles, including the convoy to become the leading vehicle navigation system and to communicate the sender / receiver unit needs to have. Train within the vehicle, at any time communications with cutting and control into the hands of the right way to take away their own direction.

With Sartre project to reduce traffic accidents, and drivers to reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent, “unique” is aimed at presenting a comfort. The project, long distances each day, as well as the car’s passengers in commercial vehicles such as lorries and trucks are expected to cover.

Carried out under the leadership of the Swedish car giant Volvo Sartre, to be implemented within 3 years in Europe. The first test drives will begin in the coming year.
pixel Traffic revolution: the cars of the train

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