Toyota Minivan 2015

Minivans are not always that fascinating, but to rid the minivans of that stereotype boring boxy image, here comes the Toyota Minivan concept designed for 2015. Part of an internship project held at Toyota design studio, this Hybrid Toyota Minivan is based on the current 7 seater Toyota Estima. Inspired by the Japanese bullet train and futuristic looking Tokyo River boat, concept’s futuristic and eye catching exterior brings the emotion impact that have considerable influence on customer’s mind while selecting a vehicle.

The concept features vast transparent door surfaces along with one motion windscreen integrated in glass roof that gives the excellent scenic view to the occupants. On the other, the minivan has three row of seats wherein there are five seats for the adults in the front two rows and third one which is especially designed for the children, is placed above the ground, can rotate. It not only offers the splendid observation for curious kids, but also provides an option to place electric batteries under the seat.

toyota minivan 2015 ggl93 1292 Toyota Minivan 2015

clipboard01 8pc2n 1292 Toyota Minivan 2015
toyota minivan 2015 hv1s2 1292 Toyota Minivan 2015
toyota minivan 2015 92wE8 1292 Toyota Minivan 2015

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pixel Toyota Minivan 2015

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  1. skullo diyor ki:

    I want the back to be the front so when I drop the tykes off @ school they arrive w/ the style future moon-based super-villains deserve.

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