Thieves’ favorite cars! top 10

AA Insurance today revealed its list of the ten models of cars most attractive to thieves, following an analysis of theft claims made for vehicles insured by the company over the last four years.

Highway Loss Data Institute in the U.S. (Highway Loss Data Institute) according to the research of thieves to steal and to rob the most beloved cars, Cadillac Escalade. According to research every year, the Escalade 1000 model vehicles in the streets of 10.8 plays.

hirsiz Thieves’ favorite cars! top 10

The most commonly used security feature is a security coded or removable stereo system, with 26 percent of those surveyed using one of these in their car. The second most popular security feature was an alarm, used by 25 percent of those surveyed. And 23 percent of people used an immobiliser to increase their car’s security. But a quarter of those surveyed don’t have any added security at all to help keep their car safe.
“Our message to car owners is that there are simple things you can do to make your car less attractive to thieves,” says Chris. “Remember, thieves will always go for the easiest, fastest option. So if you make it just a little bit harder for them, the chances are they’ll lose interest in your car and move on to an easier target. Install an alarm, consider an immobiliser and advertise them in your car – thieves are quickly discouraged by the flashing light or alarm sticker.

“Lock your car, even when you’re at home. When parking on the street, park under a streetlight, making your car – and any potential thieves – easier to spot. And if parking in a car park, park near the attendant or in front of a security camera where you know your car will be seen.”

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