Most Fuel Efficient Hummer H2 | Strange Vehicle Modification

How to make your own fuel efficient vehicle in this days? well this modification of hummer h2 might be a great example of the most fuel efficient vehicle. this guys modified his hummer into a horse drawn hummer. it looks so amazing. but i wonder why he didn’t choose another car? why did he use a Hummer for this project??

This is the most fuel-efficient Hummer in the world. Despite weighing roughly 2 tonnes, it uses no fuel, unless you count hay or grass. Known as the CEO Stagecoach, the horse-drawn Hummer is the work of artist Jeremy Dean, who bought a new H2 Hummer and chopped it up in protest at the United States’ “culture of excess”. As part of his protest, the artist removed the Hummer’s 6.2-litre V8 engine, which drinks a massive 30 litres of petrol per 100km – about three times as much as a Commodore. He also re-arranged the cabin of the Hummer, installing two outdoor leather seats above the car’s engine bay and fitting massive chrome wheels, a huge audio and entertainment system, and working LED lights. There’s even a chrome luggage rack on top of the car with the letters “CEO” emblazoned upon it.

“There comes a point in art and life when you have to take a risk and put it all on the line for what you believe in, so my wife and I took our life savings combined with the contributions of a few brave friends, bought a Hummer H2 and destroyed it the same day, for the sake of art.” Dean says he has created the engineless Hummer horse-cart as a response to America’s part in the global financial crisis. He says the hummer and cart is a modern interpretation of the little-known Ford Model T horse-carts of the Great Depression. In the Depression, car owners who were unable to afford fuel for their cars removed the engines and used horses to pull them instead. “This project uses American symbols of power and status to questions our future by looking at a past response to excess and subsequent collapse,” says Dean.

Hummercart1 600x400 Most Fuel Efficient Hummer H2 | Strange Vehicle Modification“I have always been interested in exploring contemporary issues by deconstructing and re-contextualizing iconic symbols to gain perspective and understanding about the world in which we live,” he says. “This has been even more important to me in the current state of economic, environmental, and political instability.”

Hummer conversion horse 600x400 Most Fuel Efficient Hummer H2 | Strange Vehicle Modification

If we don’t rethink our reliance on a hyper-inflated, consumption-based oil economy, we may be left with no other options than to hook our cars up to a horse,” he says.

“This is an exploration of historical amnesia, the culture of excess, financial collapse, sustainability and the future, through leather steel and chrome.”

Dean has created a range of scale models to accompany the Hummer horse-cart as a part of his “Back to the Futurama” series of works. The title is a play on the General Motors “Futurama” display at the 1939 World Fair, where the company claimed the automobile would save the world. Don’t forget to check out about the World Most Expensive SUV Hummer Knight XV

pixel Most Fuel Efficient Hummer H2 | Strange Vehicle Modification

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