Lego Jeep Wrangler

R/C Lego Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is the most fascinating wrangler replica ever

Lego creations have mesmerized us every now and then, and here is one that will leave you flabbergasted. If doubtful, read the details and check out the videos and I bet, you’ll be awestruck. Dubbed the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, its body is made of Technic panels that not only provides the stiffness but reduces its weight to minimum. Both excels – front and rear are made entirely with liftarms but the frame that connects them is made of Technic bricks. Both axles use knob wheels instead of differentials, and both are portal axles with an integrated 3:1 gear reduction. This Lego Jeep Wrangler gets power from the single PF XL motor with a total 5:1 gear reduction. Motor is located exactly where the original engine is and occupies the same place as the original engine in the real jeep. Jeep’s fully working steering is controlled by a PF Medium motor with a 9:1 gear reduction. Pushing motor is 8878 rechargeable battery box which is located on the rear axle. The lego wrangler has its length at 47 studs, width at 24 studs and a height at 23 studs. Weighing at 1.224 kg, the awesome lego jeep has pendular suspensions, stabilized with 2 shock absorbers per axle. The 4×4 drive, pendular suspension, lights, modular body design and a bonnet that opens makes the Lego Jeep one of the most fascinating wrangler replica ever.

lego jeep wrangler rubicon KtbYq 3868 Lego Jeep Wrangler

pixel Lego Jeep Wrangler

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