Fuel savings of up to 18 percent to 35 pound

Auto Repair in Adana, 32-year master Ibrahim Simsek, invented and patented the system and carburetor vehicles with engines between 12-18 percent power increase and fuel savings have been told.tamir Fuel savings of up to 18 percent to 35 pound

Ibrahim Simsek, said the study, as well as throughout his life repairing, because of curiosity about fuel economy in various trials, he said.
karburatorjk4 Fuel savings of up to 18 percent to 35 pound
This experiment as a result developed a system, a mechanical engineer with an elder brother, Hasan Simsek and 15 years on the run up, the tool used in making their statements, Simsek,”the power increase and fuel savings, the system’s ‘Max Power’ by name, received a patent, and we go into production we” he said.

Maximum Power”ın”, placed on an iron plate and said nail-like metal rods create the lightning, he continued:

”This system can be used only in vehicles with carburetors. Because it is mounted to the carburetor. Extremely easy to mount, a person who understands the engine of the carburetor to open themselves to wear.

Not make any modification in the engine, the only developed part of the carburetor is put inside.

Maximum Power, air flowing from the carburetor and fuel, the iron from the spent rods are inserted into the turbulent mixing and makes better.

Thus better combustion and fuel savings will increase in power with.”


With maximum power of the tool, for example, when in third gear, fourth gear is the need to express thrown Simsek,”motor produces high power at low speed for 12-18 percent fuel savings is at the rate.

Put an end to poor performance. The former is not part of the question. Lifetime that can be used, without any damage the vehicle, without causing any deformation of a part.

Cast into the motor is made specifically to suit. So, is it that someone on the break and the piston goes to pieces, melts at 600 degrees and 612 degrees when the piston is the combustion heat to melt quickly,”said the exhaust is taken from the paper-thin.

Maximum Power put the tools of about six months, Simsek said, he continued:

Maximum Power’s combustion engine and”certainly not a disadvantage in competition, the consumer is not subject to any losses.

£ 35 including installation offer such an affordable price to the consumer. Whether paid as soon as possible so that his land is starting to spend. Maximum Power’s various brands and models of vehicles produced in accordance with 28 varieties.”


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