Fastest vehicle:Bloodhound SSC, 1609 kilometers per hour speed can reach

Farnborough International Aerospace Exhibition in England for the first time to unveil the fastest car Bloodhound SSC world, 1609 kilometers per hour speed can reach.

12.8 meters long and full of supersonic vehicles weighing 6.5 tonnes. The engineer who designed the tool to strengthen the Eurojet EJ200 jet engine and vehicle prototype, custom-made hybrid rocket engine and the 800-horsepower gasoline engines used to have three pieces. This creates a total of three horsepower motor is

180 Formula 1 car is equivalent to the power.

Vehicle pilot Andy Green will make the British Royal Air Force, told İHA’ya, “Bloodhound, the new generation of science and engineering projects to inspire you,” she said. Green stated that they would reach speeds of 1609 kilometers, “as long as you keep all wheels on the ground vehicles are safe and will never reach the speed of 1609 kilometers.’ll Prove it in two years,” he said.

Thrust supersonic car previously owned SSC’ye 1227 kilometers have been designed to speed through. Speed record attempt in 2012, South Africa’s Northern Cape region will be held in the dry lake bed.

Green and his colleagues are confident they won’t just enter the record books, but will inspire a generation of children to get excited about science and engineering.

‘There has never been anything like Bloodhound,’ said team leader Richard Noble, who held the land speed record from 1983 to 1997.

‘It is undoubtedly the most stimulating and challenging programme I’ve ever been involved with.

‘The next three years are going to be tough, testing and damned exciting.

‘Noble and Green were the driving forces behind Thrust  SSC – a supersonic car which reached 763mph in the Nevada desert in 1997.

They have spent the last 18 months designing the new 42ft-long vehicle in secret – and say it will be faster, sleeker and lighter.

The speed of sound varies according to altitude, but at sea level it is around 761mph.

As Bloodhound approaches that speed, shock waves will build up in front of it.

The moment it goes faster than the speed of sound, it will burst through this ‘wall’ of air pressure, creating an ear- splitting sonic boom.

Green will use a conventional steering wheel, and control the brakes and engines using pedals and levers in his cockpit.

The team has yet to find the perfect site for the attempt.

The flat Nevada desert used 11 years ago has become too cracked following years of drought.
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Bloodhound SSC 11 Fastest vehicle:Bloodhound SSC, 1609 kilometers per hour speed can reach

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