ferrari f40 stretch limousine SaV9U 1292 CRAZY LIMO : Ferrari F40 (RED LIMOUSINE)

 Ferrari F40? If you said an actual Ferrari F40, then you are dead wrong. The correct answer is a replica Ferrari F40 limousine. Fortunately (for us), such things actually exist.

So where would one find such an automotive monstrosity? In Japan, of course! You know, the country that brought us the Mitsuoka Orochi, melon flavored chocolate and a pillow shaped like a kneeling woman’s lap.

Ferrari F40 is awesome, it’s replica is good. How about a replica Ferrari F40 limousine? And you would go WTF? Fortunately, such things exist and here is one that embodies automotive monstrosity. The next thing you might ask is where does it come from? Any guess? Well, if you are betting on Japan, you’re right. The remarkable blend of Japanese underpinnings and European style, the limo shape is provided with a CD changer, air conditioning, power steering and windows, keyless entry, sunroof, ABS, an anti-theft system, 19-inch wheels and leather bucket seats.

We’ll start by saying that the general flavor comes from the Ferrari F40. We’re talking about an iconic supercar that has managed to conquer the hearts of a infinite number of enthusiasts from around the world. “Around the world” is a good expression as this is how we’ll travel. We’ll leave the F40’s home country, Italy, behind and head for Japan. This is where you can find the vehicle we are talking about.

As you can see, we’re avoiding mentioning the actual facts. Ok, we know that we can’t go on forever without telling you what the story is about – we’ll make it quick so it won’t hurt so badly: a stretch limo replica of the Ferrari F40.

pixel CRAZY LIMO : Ferrari F40 (RED LIMOUSINE)

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