Bendable Bike by Kevin Scott

A young designer has invented a revolutionary folding bicycle that will stop thieves in their tracks.

Kevin Scott, 21, designed the space-age bike that wraps around a lamp post so it can be locked-up safely – without the need for a lock or chain.

The De Montfort University graduate used a ratchet system built into the frame of the bike to allow it to wrap around a pole, enabling the lock to be wrapped through both wheels and the frame.

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This has to be one of the best bike inventions in the history of bike inventions. It was created by the guy in the photos, 21-yo designer—and Adam Frucci impersonator—Kevin Scott.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this thing actually works and could go into production. The bike can literally bend around a lamp post. Again: The whole bike bends to lock onto itself. First, it’s rigid. Then, you push a lever and it’s flexible enough to tie it to a post. Rigid. Lever. Bendable. Lever. Rigid. Lever. Bendable. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop marveling at this invention. [DMU via Daily Mail]

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Revolutionary: Designer Kevin Scott, 21, rides on what appears to be an ordinary bicycle, before showing the easy mechanism for allowing the frame to bend

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Securely locked: The bendable frame now allows the bike to be wrapped around a lamp post, with a regular bike lock able to secure the frame and both wheels

Securing all the bike’s components within the lock was his aim in creating the new bike. It also allows the bike to be stored in small spaces.

The frame can be ratcheted tight to allow the bike to be ridden like a normal bike, but it can be quickly loosened to allow the frame to be bent back on itself.

Dailymail Via: Dvice

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